FREE Kindergarten Learning Resources

direction gameResources for parents and pre-school educators

Direction Game – follow the directions and circle the multiple-choice object

Basic Counting, Addition and Subtraction  – numbers 1 – 10


Little Bird Lost: A Rhyming Picture Story is an ideal first reader, introduction to real nature and bedtime story which includes several basic concepts such as counting and direction

Beautiful full-color photographs take the place of drawings or illustrations in this children’s book, providing a perfect segue into realism from the cutesy clutter of silly illustrations. – Readers’ Favorite

“This is the perfect spring read for beginning readers. They  will feel triumphant over mastering this beautiful book.” – Children’s Books Heal


About Little Bird

"Even as an adult I actually enjoyed this book!" "Brought a smile to my face." - Goodreads reviewers The series of awesome real-life photos provide a rare opportunity of a birds-eye view of a family of baby swallows in their nest. The simple rhyming story makes it a great bedtime story and early first reader. The birds antics provide a platform for discussion on important topics such sharing and bullying.

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