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Little Bird Lost: A Rhyming Picture Story

What People Are Saying About It:

– “Brought a smile to my face.”
– “Even as an adult I actually enjoyed this book!”
– “Great story, beautiful photography throughout.”
– “It is amazing how the text and these actual photos go hand in hand.”
– “Nature captured in it’s true form, with the story unfolding at the turn of every page.”
– “It’s a very clever book, with a simple but wise message.”
– “This is a really sweet story for kids and helps them to learn about nature.”
– “A very engaging story with a ‘bounce’ to it, making it a pleasure to read aloud.”

What It’s All About:

One of the baby birds seems to be missing. His greedy siblings have pushed him out of view! A tale of sibling rivalry and their parents love for ALL their offspring.

The series of high-quality photographs accompanied by the simple rhyming tale provide a rare opportunity of a ‘birds-eye’ view into the nest. The reading content is aimed at 3-5 year-olds, but the photographs and the story that they tell will fascinate all age groups. The length and content make it a perfect bedtime story, a great start for beginner readers and a superb study of the natural world that demonstrates how care and compassion persists amongst even the tiniest of creatures.

Steve Larkinson spotted this family of swallows in the eaves of a small bakery in south-west France and this delightful story unfolded as he photographed them. Kate Larkinson added the words in rhyming couplets and created the book.

About Little Bird

"Even as an adult I actually enjoyed this book!" "Brought a smile to my face." - Goodreads reviewers The series of awesome real-life photos provide a rare opportunity of a birds-eye view of a family of baby swallows in their nest. The simple rhyming story makes it a great bedtime story and early first reader. The birds antics provide a platform for discussion on important topics such sharing and bullying.

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